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Welcome to the WSC - Please Read
« on: November 05, 2010, 10:36:58 am »
Hello and Welcome to the Western Subaru Club!

We're happy to have you here and looking forward to getting to know you. First, a couple of things you should know:

A) You're in the right place to make an introduction thread. Let us know who you are, where you're from and what you drive.
B) We're a community minded automotive enthusiast forum. If possible, get out to a meet and get to know some of the members. Not only can you meet some really great people and make new friends, but they'll come in handy when you're wrenching on your car.
C) Head on over here: and read the Forum Rules and Regulations. Keep in mind that these rules are there for a reason. Above all, treat everyone on the forum with respect and that will go a long way to ensuring a positive environment.
D) A lot of thought has gone into the organization of the different forums and sub-forums here. Take a moment and look around to see where threads belong. Taking the extra moment to do so with drastically reduce the amount of work that the moderators have to do to keep this place organized. Thanks in advance for doing that.

Before you go explore the forums and go crazy with posting, here are a couple of threads I think that everyone should read over.
What is the "Report to moderator" link for?
How To: Embed pics into your post
How To: Lock your own thread

Addendum - January 2021

We have made some changes to how new users are allowed to use the forum. One of the first things is that we ask you create an introduction thread as this will let the forum know to promote you to allow you to see other areas of the community, and to let us know who you are.

After that you will be promoted and allowed to other areas of the community to establish yourself. One you have done that you will be promoted again which will let you use the entire community as a whole.

As a note your first post will ask you to enter a captcha but this only occurs on the first post and none after.

New Member = Post Count 0
Introduction Thread = Post Count 1

To gain full access to all areas a post count of 5 is needed.

Finally, if you have any questions or concerns about anything you're reading or the forum in general, please do not hesitate to PM one of the moderators.

snackers (Marketplace mod)

If you have any concerns that a moderator cannot answer, please send a pm to Jer, the president of the WSC.

Thanks again for joining the WSC and we look forward to meeting you.

Take Care,

WSC Moderator Team
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