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FS: Assorted LED bulbs
« on: February 04, 2016, 02:31:16 pm »
Description: as title states I have various LEDs, I will list type with picture for less confusion. you can PM me for more info and pictures. Stop paying diode dynamics prices for the SAME bulbs... I have finally bought enough that I can give better pricing!! No huge shipping fees or ittshay USD exchange to deal with!

I use all of these in my car, and have tested a lot of bulbs. So far for subarus these have been the best! I will have more as orders come in! I'm a small timer so if I don't have what you need right now I promise patience will be your friend! I'm doing my best to order the best bulbs for you, and keep the inventory stocked.

Location of seller: Calgary
Willing to ship: wsc courier or snail mail for outside Calgary
Method of contact: PM
Price: will be with bulb type and picture
Pictures: posted below, quantity in photo does not reflect the amount I have.

Type: T5/74 CanBus Bulbs $5 Each  (fits cig lighter, ash tray, boost guage(jdm))

Type: 31mm festoon/3175 $10 Each (fits dome light, map light)

Type: T10/194/921/168 Cree  $20 Each (fits reverse, park lights)

Type: T10/194/921/168  $5 Each (fits license plate, guages, glove box etc)

Type: H4/9003 CanBus $100 per kit (comes with two controllers and two bulbs)