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Mobile detailing packages
« on: July 16, 2018, 08:13:02 am »

Do you see those very small scratches on your cars paint work? Tired of pulling coat after coat of wax on your paint work just to see those scratches a few days later? I was was just like you and then I decided to take my car to a detailing shop, after leaving my car with them the paint looked good but I knew I could do better.

What makes me different than anyone else? I come to you, be it your work or your home; as long as I have a power connection and access to water I will make your car SHINE.

Video of the difference between all three packages:
First section is 2 stage swirl removal, 2nd section is 1 stage swirl removal, 3rd section is cleaned only

Pricing :

Headlight restore: $60 WSC: $40
* Head lights are sanded and polished and sealed to prevent yellowing.

Rock chip / Scratch Repair --> Hourly rate of $30/h

* Effected area(s) prepared for paint
* Application of colour matching paint to chips
* Paint blended and polished
* Protective Sealant applied

Clean and Shiny --> $100 ~2.5 hours WSC: $80

* Two bucket hand wash
* Door Jams cleaned and sealed
* Windows cleaned and anti fogged
* Black trim pieces restored
* Clay bar of painted surfaces
* Carnuba Wax of painted surfaces or synthetic sealant
* Wheels cleaned and dressed

1 Stage Swirl Removal and wax ---> $250 ~4hours WSC: $200
* Includes the same as "Clean and Shiny"
* Adds 1 Stage Swirl Removal for deeper gloss to paint

1.5 Stage Swirl Removal and wax ---> $250 ~4hours WSC: $200
* Includes the same as "Clean and Shiny"
* Uses same first stage as 2 stage swirl removal
* Wax is applied with cutting pad the remove more swirls

2 Stage Swirl Removal --> $350 ~5.5 Hours WSC: $280

* Includes same as above
* Adds second more aggressive swirl removal.
** Leaves paint often better than when it left the showroom**

Please contact me for scheduling and booking of the initial consult.